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HIVEMIND is a co-op stealth game seen from a top-down perspective in which players incarnate aliens invading a highly classified government facility. The main goal is to obtain the UFO parts that were stolen from you back, and use them to make your spaceship functional again and escape.

There is a timer on screen indicating how much time is left before players lose. Each time an UFO part is collected, you gain time and allies are revived. If a player dies due to not being helped back up, you lose time. As such, it is better to sneak around.

Players are linked to a power source that floats in between all 4 players. The aliens can crash the power source into the human enemy guards to eliminate them but should keep in mind the risk versus reward as it cannot be used too much, since it alerts other guards as to your whereabouts.

Once all parts are collected, the facility enters full alert mode and a huge amount of guards will come chasing you! The power source will enter a powered up state at that moment, allowing you to fight back and escape!


  • Olof Aviron-Violet
  • Simon Verrelst
  • Bavo Mispelaere
  • Nathan Bierset

External Credits:
Sound effects from zapsplat.com 


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